Tony Robbins Shares Insights From 50 of the World’s Leading Financial Minds

Tony Robbins Shares Insights From 50 of the World’s Leading Financial Minds

In this episode, we sat down with the World’s #1 life and business strategist, Tony Robbins.   Nearly 8 years ago, Robbins published what is still one of the best-selling financial books of the century, Money: Master the Game.  Robbins has unprecedented access to many of the world’s leading financial minds from Ray Dalio to Paul Tudor Jones to Jeff Gundlach to Steve Forbes and many others.   We all want to know, what are the world’s leading investors doing to navigate the post-pandemic world where inflation is raging, real rates on bonds are negative and the global stock market is at a 100 year high.

We also cover many other interesting topics such as…

How business owners, including Robbins, have had to pivot to learn to thrive in this new world

How to protect oneself against an inevitable correction or crash?

How top investors are looking at Cryptocurrency?

And of course, how to expand your goals of impact to create true fulfillment?

Joining Robbins is Ajay Gupta, Robbins’ long-time personal advisor.  Gupta is recently retired from his role as Chief Investment Strategist of a $90 Billion Investment Advisory firm.  I ask many probing questions on how he manages his own personal wealth and what he is sharing with many of the ultra-high families in his network. 

And to round it off, Robbins and Gupta were joined by Christopher Zook, founder of CAZ Investments, a 20-year-old firm that provides exclusive access to unique alternative investments.  Christopher shared some very interesting strategies related to private equity, private credit, and mitigating risk in the event of a market correction or crash.  

NOTE: The speakers spend time discussing tail hedging as a way to mitigate risk if or when the market corrects.  They use insurance as an analogy in the same way one would insure their car or home.  Keep in mind, any references made in this discussion are related to tail hedging, and do NOT refer to an actual insurance product. 

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