About Masterclasses

Effective Family Office Masterclasses are intensive three-day interactive workshops that distill decades worth of industry learning from leading experts. Designed as small group sessions these classes encourage open discussion and ‘hands-on’ interaction.

In addition to founder Angelo J. Robles, guest experts oversee specialized sessions on a variety of the most relevant topics affecting family offices today. Masterclass retreats follow the general format outlined below. Detailed syllabuses and guest expert information will be released to attendees prior to the Masterclass.


Day 1 – Introductions

  • Welcome Reception
  • Group Dinner


Day 2 & 3 – Best Practices & select focused topics which might include:

  • Best Practices in the Single Family Office: Evolving From Tactical to Strategic to Thrive Generationally
  • Millennials Evolving The Single Family Office
  • The ‘Re-Gendering’ of Wealth: The Rise of Women
  • Thriving in a VUCA World: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous
  • Six Transformative Neurocognitive Skills for Successful Generational Transitions: Executive Function, EQ, Mindfulness, GRIT, Design Thinking and Flow
  • Building World-Class Leadership and Culture in Your Single Family Office
  • Building an Impact Investing Focused Single Family Office
  • Single Family Office Organizational Excellence, Structures and Private Trust Companies
  • Design Thinking: Advanced Brainstorming for the Creative Single Family Office
  • Best Practices in Single Family Office Executive Compensation
  • Investment Opportunities, Trends, Philosophies, Technologies and Tools
  • Mastering Productivity and 80/20 Principles in the Single Family Office
  • Advanced Health and Wellness Best Practices
  • Hiring Practices of the World’s Most Successful Single Family Offices
  • Crypto Currencies and Blockchain: How Single Family Offices Are Shaping the Future of Money
  • The Future of Technology in Managing the Complexities of the Single Family Office
  • Lessons Shared: The 100 Year Plan
  • The Single Family Office of the Future: Remote / Virtual
  • Cybersecurity Threats and Solutions
  • Managing the WICKED Problem Risk: How Can I Insulate Myself From Unexpected but Massive and Inescapable Changes in the Future?
  • AND How Can I Maximize my Ability to Adjust to and Maybe Even Profit From Such Changes?

Upcoming Masterclasses

Contact Angelo directly at angelo@angelorobles.com for more information and dates.

What Attendees Are Saying

“I thought the participants and the families that they represented were impressive. A great group!”


“[The class] gave an excellent overview. I liked the smaller group – it was more conducive to interaction among the attendees and open exchange of ideas.”


“A great all-around program! Highly recommend.”