Global Macro Thoughts From A Bobby Fischer Chess Prodigy

Global Macro Thoughts From A Bobby Fischer Chess Prodigy

In this episode, Angelo hits the road and broadcasts live from the Family Office Association Program in Greenwich, CT, and shares a live interview with Adam Robinson, Entrepreneur, Investor & Global Macro Advisor. Adam shares how training with chess legend, Bobby Fischer, helped him become a strategic thinker, and expands on how wealthy families can harness the power of liquid asset markets using his unique framework. He also shares a new way of looking at markets through a disciplined approach that allows you to look at markets in a new way, and even gives away his best approaches.

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Mentioned In This Episode:

  • What studying Bobby Fischer’s chess strategy taught Adam about business.
  • The difference between active investors and passive investors.
  • Three critical requirements every investment thesis should have.
  • Adam’s best indicators for yields and US equities.

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