Angelo Robles literally wrote the book on effective family offices. This “must-read” delivers a guide on the best practices that the most successful single family offices use to deliver exceptional results. Robles challenges the conventional approach to SFOs that creates ineffective bureaucracies that fail to innovate and ultimately fail on their primary mission: generational wealth preservation.
Learn the best practices that you can apply to make your SFO: effective, resilient and adaptive.


Legacy Magazine for the Effective Family Office is now available for our members and at our events. This is a must-read for the single family office executive, bringing together interesting and relevant topics that impact the family and the office operations. Co-created and published by Angelo Robles.

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Angelo's Expertise Has Been Sought By


About Angelo Robles

Angelo Robles is the founder and CEO of the Greenwich CT based Family Office Association (FOA), an exclusive global membership organization that delivers proprietary thought leadership, research, best practices and global programming to multiple generations of exceptionally wealthy families and the professionals who run their single family offices (SFOs).

Angelo is also the founder of Effective Family Office a think tank and Masterclass Program Series for single family offices and the analytical data-driven firm Family Office Portfolio. He’s the author of the book “Effective Family Office: Best Practices and Beyond.” Angelo is the host of the Effective Family Office Podcast on iTunes. Angelo personally advises a small number of global families and SFO executives on achieving maximum effectiveness.

Angelo’s expertise has been sought by media outlets such as Bloomberg Radio and Television, the Wall Street Journal, and Institutional Investor, among others. Angelo continues to lead in the SFO community with creative proprietary thinking on the future of the family office including structures, organization, leadership, technology, AI, investing and philanthropy.

Angelo J. Robles

“Angelo seems to have cracked a code that others have tried and failed.”

– France / New York-Based Family Principal. Finance, Venture Capital.

“Angelo offers private wealth holders an extraordinary opportunity to consider the issues that matter most to running a family office or living with extraordinary wealth. Equally valuable for the wealth creator and the wealth inheritor, for the old and the young, and for the entrepreneur and the wealth steward…insightful programs, studies, and interviews to help them understand the complex relationships of family, wealth and functionality and of due diligence, investment expertise, and best practices. A community of sharing and learning, with benefits for all.”

– Charles Lowenhaupt, Chairman, Lowenhaupt Global Advisors

“Angelo is invaluable for his insights on a variety of relevant topics, his ability to connect us with the right people and the thought leadership resources he provides to support our family office.”

– Connecticut-based SFO Executive

“I wanted to thank you for hosting the event in Napa. We really enjoyed it and thought you did a fantastic job of selecting speakers and arranging sessions. The atmosphere is especially wonderful! Anyway, just wanted to thank and laud you for your efforts.”

– Emily Paxhia, Founding Partner & Director of Relations, Poseidon Asset Management

The Effective Family Office Podcast

Want to learn more about how to effectively build, sustain, and grow your single family office? Join host, Angelo Robles, as he distills best practices and ideas for global single family offices in his weekly podcast.

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Effective Family Office


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